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ITU News_October ITU News letter

Dear Technical Official Friends,

The World Triathlon season is over, but many more events are to come in the final 3 months of the year. We have a number of World Cups, Continental Cups and even Continental Championships coming up, but the focus is already on the 2018 season.

Before going too far ahead, it is time to recap briefly the Grand Final in Rotterdam. As always, such events are very challenging from the technical and officiating point of view. The location and the courses brought a lot of challenges this time, which brought some difficult moments for the team. In the end, the team working closely with the LOC, the Dutch Federation, all the officials and all parties involved saw mostly smiling faces of athletes at the finish line. Our team was led by Thanos Nikopoulos and Sarah Taylor as TDs and Sander Verheuvel, Eriketti Margari and Dag Oliver as assistant TDs. We were also very fortunate with having Leslie Buchanan and Frank Stapleton sharing the Race Referee duties. Of course, the tireless work of the joint team of Dutch and self-funded international officials made all of this happen in the end.

We have already had two World Cups since Rotterdam with both locations new on the World Cup circuit. Thanks to the team in Huelva led by Jan Philipp Krawczyk and Jorge Garcia,  this time from the LOC side in Huelva, and Melody Tan in Weihai.

In Rotterdam, the 2018 calendar was released including the World Cup events and all the Paratriathlon events. Some more announcements are to come in the coming weeks, but there will not be significant additions to the events. We are working closely with the Continental Confederations, so hopefully the Continental calendars will also be released shortly. The events are encouraged to provide accommodation for self-funded officials more in the coming season, so hopefully we will see many of you officiating actively.

This is the time for planning ahead, which will bring the rule revisions on to the agenda. The Technical Committee will have a long meeting again at the end of October to prepare all of the updates for the Executive Board meeting in December, followed by the release of the new rules.

All the best to everyone for the remaining of the season!

Kind regards,

Gergely Markus
ITU Sport Director

October Seminars: 

05.10.2017-08.10.2017/ Namibia / 2017 Windhoek ITU Activator Community Seminar / Facilitators: Retief Freysen (RSA) and Travis Campbell (RSA)

05.10.2017-06.10.2017 / United States / 2017 Sarasota ITU Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar / Facilitator: J. Ritterbeck (USA)

07.10.2017-07.10.2017 / United States / 2017 Sarasota ITU Paratriathlon Technical Officials E-learning Course / Facilitator: Janice Turner (CAN)

12.10.2017-15.10.2017 / Malaysia / 2017 Kuala Lumpur ITU Facilitator Course/Facilitators: Norman Brook (GBR) and Thanos Nikopoulos (ITU)

27.10.2017-29.10.2017 / Romania / 2017 Bucharest ITU Technical Officials And Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar / Facilitators: Howard Vine (GBR) and Dr. Bela Varga (HUN)


October Events:

05.10.2017-06.10.2017 / Jordan / 2017 Aqaba ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup and West Asian Championships & 2017 Aqaba ASTC Duathlon Asian Cup / TD: Ki Woo Kyong (KOR); aTD: Abbas Moosa Buhassan (BHR)

07.10.2017-08.10.2017 / United States / 2017 Sarasota ITU Triathlon World Cup & 2017 Sarasota ITU Paratriathlon World Cup / TD: Janice Turner (CAN); aTD: Dan Frost (USA); TL: Leslie Buchanan (CAN); MD: Dr Paul Lento (USA)

08.10.2017-08.10.2017 / Spain / 2017 Melilla ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup & 2017 Melilla ETU Triathlon European Cup Final / TD: Tom Roberts (GBR); aTD: Monica Flores Ferreiro (ESP)

08.10.2017-08.10.2017 / Mauritius / 2017 Le Morne ATU Triathlon African Cup / TD : Dave Ellis (ZIM) ; aTD : John Walter (MRI)

21.10.2017-21.10.2017 / Hong Kong / 2017 Hong Kong ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup / TD: Adele Cheah (MAS); aTD: Mo Sze Yuen, Leo (HKG)

22.10.2017-22.10.2017 / Ecuador / 2017 Puerto Lopez CAMTRI Triathlon American Championships / TD: Esteban Benitez (MEX); aTD: Gustavo Svane (ARG)

28.10.2017-28.10.2017 / South Korea / 2017 Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup/ TD: Omar Abu Bakar (SGP); aTD: Olga Blokhina (UZB); TL: Melody Tan (MAS); MD: Dr Sang-Don SHIM (KOR)

29.10.2017-29.10.2017 / Ecuador / 2017 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup / TD: Leslie Poujol Brown (HON); aTD: Carlos Fernandez (ARG); TL: Alpar Nagy (HUN); MD: Dr Tyrone Antonio Flores Pavon (ECU)


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ITU TC will be meeting from the 20th to the 22nd of October for reviewing the ITU Competition rules. The EB is expected to approve the new rules in Edmonton at the beginning of December (8th to 10th of December).
Some exciting news for everyone is that we would like collate all your photos and videos in a shared album. We are still working out how, but in the meantime, we would like to collect the content you would like to share! Every month we will share some of the best TO moments in the newsletter. Please email them to technicalofficials@triathlon.org.
ITU TD’s Spotlight Interview Sarah Taylor-Hough (GBR) – Level 2 Technical Official – Co-TD 2017 World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam
1. How is Technical Officials organized in your country? 

We have two levels of local TO pathways which are delivered regionally. This is pool based and then open water. This is supported by British Triathlon with a dedicated team who assist the regions.  Then we move onto the ITU Levels.  Great Britain are accredited to deliver the NTO course as part of the ATOEP programme.  Two of our TO’s are accredited to deliver up to CTO level.
We also run a Moto Officials programme, this has been developed in line with British Cycling – National Escort Group.  Again, this is managed regionally by a regional coordinator.  All officials have the opportunity to apply to attend events in other regions as well as National Championships.  Wherever possible we try and get as many officials to develop as much as possible.
We also have a mentorship scheme for all new NTO’s being given a National Championship to helped them develop.

2. What do you like most about officiating an event as TD?
Working as a team!  I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world and gaining experience and knowledge from others.  Seeing how other people work and how I can learn from them.    I also enjoy working with the LOC’s, it’s a joint effort after all.


ITU Staff Spotlight Interview 
Eric Angstadt Torres – Manager, Paratriathlon and Multisport
1. Please describe your role / position in ITU? 

ITU Paratriathlon and Multisport Manager

2. What is your goal and objectives of this year?

For 2017, the main goals were:

  • Increase participation in Paratriathlon
  • Implement the new changes in the classification system for Paratriathlon
  • Complete the application for Tokyo 2020 Medal Event Programme for Paratriathlon
  • Successful implementation of the new high level WPS events for Paratriathlon
  • Manage as best as possible all the administrative tasks associated with the day to day activities in Paratriathlon.
  • Multisport: Success of the 1st Multisport Festival WCHs in Penticton – Canada
  • Review of MS Festival requirements for BID provisions for 2020.
  • Ensure a host for Winter Triathlon WCHs


Post Event Reporting

Following the World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam and the World Cups in Karlovy Vary, Huelva and Weihai, here are some important outcomes to keep in mind when officiating at an event:

  • Monitor the water temperature in relation with the air temperature in advance of the race. These readings will show if you need to take into consideration a contingency plan regarding the swim (postponement/ cancellation). In case of a contingency, remember to plan for all races affected.
  • There will be times, especially during bad weather conditions, when your course will be dangerous for the athletes. In this case, adaptations on the course might be required to prevent accidents. These include swipe of flooded areas, additional positioning of cones, re-route of the course in order to avoid flooded areas etc.
  • Remember that you may come across less experienced LOCs with organizing triathlon events and/or LOCs with a luck in operational support. Each TO in your areas, you are an important asset and you have to be on top of your game.
  • Volunteers are a big part of an event taking place. A triathlon event wouldn’t be possible without them, therefor, mutual respect and recognition should be given to them as well.
  • In a big event like a Grand Final, there are a lot of operations and logistics that need attention. Help is always needed in some areas so, if you have finished with your preparations, ask if someone needs some help.
  • It is good to remember at times of pressure, that we are problem- solvers, not problem- makers. Try to solve the problems presented to you with patience and creativity.
  • Sometimes you may be assigned to a position that you are not very familiar with. Be proactive and read your job description, if you are not confident with the information that you get, ask your TD for more details.
  • After the event, give your Chief or TD a short report on what went well or might be improved in your area of responsibilities.
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