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Please welcome the April edition of the Technical Officials’ newsletter.

The most recent round of the World Cup circuit was held in New Plymouth, New Zealand. A well-established stop on the ITU calendar, not just because of its location, but the team behind it. This year, was the last event for Terry Sheldrake as event director as captured in the photo below. Many of us have had the privilege working with Terry on and off the Field of Play. He was one of our mentor technical officia’sl in the past as well as in his role as Event Director or many events. Having Terry sit on the ITU Executive Board in this next Olympic cycle will allow us to continue to count on his technical expertise. I would also like to thank Lyndell Murray for her high level involvement as the Technical Delegate in New Plymouth.

The next major event down under was the WTS Gold Coast. The ITU technical team led by Shanelle Barrett had the task to run the event not just as a WTS event, but as the test event for the 2018 Commonwealth Games as well as for the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in 2018. I am sure that Shanelle will be busy again next year as she will take over the role of Event Director in New Plymouth and remain the Technical Delegate in Gold Coast. We are all looking forward to it already.

Let’s not forget about all the technical delegates and technical officials working day and night on Continental events as well. We have a number of these events every weekend and without the dedication of all of you, it wouldn’t be possible. If you have group pictures of Officials from these events, please reach out to us either by email or via social media and we will be more than happy to share those moments.

Checking for technological fraud is still high on our agenda. The need to have a team of certified officials for this duty is gowing and you will be able to see more and more tests happening at ITU events as well as non-ITU events.
Kind Regards,

Gergely Markus
Sport Director

ITU Technical Education
April Seminars

05.04.2017- 06.04.2017/ Egypt / 2017 Sharm El Sheikh ITU Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar/ Facilitator: Rick Fulton (ZIM)

07.04.2017- 07.04.2017/ Australia / 2017 Gold Coast ITU Bicycles’ Technological Fraud Check Course/ Facilitator: Thanos Nikopoulos (ITU)

07.04.2017- 07.04.2017/ Australia / 2017 Gold Coast ITU Paratriathlon Technical Officials E-learning Course/ Facilitator: Shanelle Barrett (NZL)

12.04.2017- 13.04.2017/ Morocco/ 2017 Rabat ITU Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar/ Facilitator: Frizza Dominique (FRA)

14.04.2017-15.04.2017/ Canada / 2017 Vancouver Triathlon Canada – ITU Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar/ Facilitators: David Markham (CAN) and Andrew Armstrong (CAN)

28.04.2017– 28.04.2017/ Philippines / 2017 Subic Bay ITU Paratriathlon Rules and Event Management Seminar/ Facilitator: Rachel Ribo (PHI)

28.04.2017– 28.04.2017/ Spain / 2017 Soria ITU Paratriathlon Technical Officials E-learning Course/ Facilitator: Anabela Santos (POR)
For any inquires on the certification of the ITU Technical officials please contact Thanos Nikopoulos, ITU Senior Technical Operations Manager at thanos.nikopoulos@triathlon.org.

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More Information on TO Education Programme


April Events

01.04.2017- 01.04.2017/ Zimbabwe / 2017 Troutbeck ATU Triathlon African Cup/ TD: Alma Wasserfall (RSA) aTD: Catherine Jennings (ZIM)

01.04.2017- 01.04.2017/ Venezuela / 2017 Vargas CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup/ TD: Roberto Segura Sarmiento aTD: Palmiro Vladimir Garcia Martinez (VEN)

01.04.2017- 02.04.2017/ Portugal / 2017 Quarteira ETU Triathlon European Cup and 2017 Quarteira ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup/ TD: Luis Coira Nieto (ESP) aTD: Mário Carvalho (POR)

02.04.2017- 02.04.2017/ New Zealand / 2017 New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup/ TD: Lyndell Murray (AUS) aTD: Gail Hussey (NZL) TL: Kris Gemmell (NZL) MD: Dr Deon Stoltz (NZL)

07.04.2017- 08.04.2017/ Egypt / 2017 Sharm El Sheikh ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup and Pan Arab Championships/ TD: Jan Sterk (RSA) aTD: Abbas Mossa (BHR)

08.04.2017- 09.04.2017/ Australia / 2017 Jewel World Triathlon Gold Coast & 2017 Gold Coast ITU World Paratriathlon Series / TD: Shanelle Barrett (NZL) TL: Thanos Nikopoulos (GRE) ITO: Frank Stapleton (AUS), Stephen Damien (PNG) and Lyndell Murray (AUS) MD: Dr Kate Gazzard (AUS)

09.04.2017- 09.04.2017/ Bermuda / 2017 Hamilton CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup/ TD: Andrew Dacanay (CAN) aTD: Patty Petty (BER)

15.04.2017- 15.04.2017/ Morocco / 2017 Rabat ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup/ TD: Dominique Frizza (FRA) aTD: Mounir Benyarmak (MAR)

23.04.2017– 23.04.2017/ Barbados /  2017 Bridgetown CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup and Central American and Caribbean Championship/ TD: Winston Crooke (SKN) aTD: Adrian Sinckler (BAR)

29.04.2017– 29.04.2017/ New Zealand / 2017 Auckland World Masters Games/ TD: Frank Stapleton (AUS)

29.04.2017– 30.04.2017/ Philippines / 2017 Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, Triathlon Junior Asian Cup and Paratriathlon Asian Championships/ TD: Koji Koganezana (JPN) aTD: David Fabian (PHI)

29.04.2017– 30.04.2017/ Spain / 2017 Soria ETU Duathlon European Championships/ TD: Anabela Santos (POR) aTD: Agueda Soria (ESP)

30.04.2017– 30.04.2017/ Ecuador / 2017 Salinas CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup/ TD: Jose Espinosa (COL) aTD: Carlos Ignasio Wiesner Francia (ECU)

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ITU Staff and TD Spotlight

Alan MA – Macau – Technical Delegate, ITU 2017 World Triathlon Yokohama

1. How are Technical Officials organized in your country?

I am afraid the TO program in Macau is still in its infancy. I was back in the Macau setup only two years ago, and the very first task my federation has given to me is to train the local officials, to mentor them, to share my knowledge, and to raise the level of local races. Hopefully in two to three years time, some of the local officials will be qualified to attend the TO Level 1 course. We are working very closely with our friends in the Macau Athletics Association at the moment so many of their officials are working at our local races. Indeed, we will hold our very first ITU Community Level course this June, and I expect to see many of those familiar faces in the course. Apart from raising the level of the local races, TO training is also part of our big preparation for our ultimate project: the return of an ITU Asian Cup race in Macau. (For those who are old enough to remember, the last Macau ITU Asian Cup was in 2006).

2. What do you like most about officiating an event as TD?

I like the joy, the fulfilment as well as the personal satisfaction of overseeing an event. I also enjoy the process of preparing for an event, and feel privileged to work with a team of dedicated and diligent people to make the event an success. Furthermore, there is a saying that “you can always learn something new” from an event, I found that this particularly true, things that I’ve learnt over the years not only help me in the future planning, but also help to improve my skills in my profession, and to see things from a broader perspective.

3. What’s the hardest challenge/problem you faced during your career?

It will be the social difference between different cultures when working with different overseas LOC’s and NF’s. I need to understand their work culture, adjust and manage.

I also need to bear in mind that some LOC’s are constituted of a big team with a large corporate structure, whereas some could be just be a few people taking care of everything. Some LOC’s can respond to your requests very quickly, whereas some could take a long time to get back to you for different reasons. Some work on weekends, some don’t. As a TD, I need to take into account the various differences, and at the same time pay attention to some of the difficulties that the LOC’s face.

For instance, I was fairly frustrated for not receiving the insurance certificate from the LOC in one race. When I arrived at the event city, it still wasn’t ready yet. Though the LOC assured me that the certificate would be there, I complained naturally, as we were only a couple of days before the race. Then I learnt from the LOC the the delay was not anyone’s fault, it was the local insurance company policy that the certificate would not be issued until the LOC had submitted the final list of athletes, with names and categories, that were confirmed who would be racing on the weekend.

4. What are your Top 3 things to keep in mind while working on an event?

Constant communication with LOC & ITU Team – emails and Skype calls if necessary, ensure everyone is up to date and informed.
Timeliness – keep checking on progress as per the project plan.
Technical Officials involvement – get them involved early, inform them of your expectations and ask them to prepare before they arrive to the event.

5. Please share a funny incident occurred at past event.

I was in Burabay, Kazakhstan as a facilitator and TO for an event some years ago. The TD was David Hoong, after the elite event, he asked one of our fellow TO’s to measure and verify the mixed relay run course, I volunteered to go with him.

It was a cold but very fine day, the placid lake on one side, separated by a road with little traffic, and the woods on the other side. I was walking with the TO, holding a GPS, admiring the nature and I saw a very nice trail in the woods, and I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice to do a bit of biking in the woods, I wished I had my mountain bike with me. Indeed, it was a very nice walk, we did our job, marked the U-turn point and the mixed relay zone, handed the GPS back to David, and then got a lift back to the hotel.

During dinner at the hotel, the Singapore coach asked me: “Did you guys see the black bear in the woods?”

Johanne Suss-Burckel – Manager, Sport Administration

1.     Please describe your role / position in ITU?
I’m Sport Administration Manager within the ITU Sport Department.
I take care of many different tasks: events’ database and website updates, World Cup contracts, inventory and logistics for ITU events (WTS, WC, Multisport WCH, Para events), travel and accommodation of the ITU team, TO’s expense reports, etc.
I’m also supervising the ITU office in Lausanne and its 4 employees.
And if I’m on site at an event, I’m helping on the Sport Presentation side.

2.    What is your goal and objectives of this year?
Keeping the same quality of services provided to our stakeholders (Technical Officials, LOCs, athletes, National Federations, etc.) even though the number of events are  increasing.
Working on 2 big projects: the 1st ever Multisport Festival in Penticton, and the Grand Final in Rotterdam with the ITU Congress.

3.    What do you like most about your role?
I work in a small and passionate team and my job is very diverse.
I work with many different people, from different cultures and different countries (but unfortunately mostly by email).

4.    What do you find the most challenging aspect of your job role?
Can be the same as above 😉 I work in a small team and my job is very diverse. What I like about my job can also be a challenging aspect some times.
But traveling to some events always gives me some ‘fresh air’, and I wouldn’t enjoy too much routine anyway!

5.    Could you tell us about your best moment or the funniest experience since you joined ITU?
There’s always plenty of fun at the events. The most recent one – more a forced laugh actually – is when we had the medal ceremonies in Cozumel for the first races, U23 and Junior. LOC did not put any stickers or classify the flags and they didn’t know which flag was for which country. So the LOC were just showing every flag to the medallists, behind the podium, asking them if it was their country flag. It was so embarrassing!

News from Around the Techinal Official World

Some of you may be aware of this lovely news, however, we are very happy to announce and introduce two beautiful babies to the ITU family.

Dag OLIVER, ITU Technical Official Level 2 from Norway, and his wife Marit welcomed their second child on the 10th of March, a boy named Henrik!
Congratulations to the family!

Alan MA, ITU Technical Official Level 3 from Macau.  Wish good health and happiness for both you and your newborn.

ITU TOs’ Certification & Orange Team Awards
ITU is pleased to announce that once again the number of triathlon Technical Officials has increased, totaling a 9% rise in 2016. The increase is as a direct result of the many Technical Officials (TO) seminars and courses that ITU held throughout the year across the globe.
In addition to the growth, the number of certified female Technical Officials rose slightly from 30% to 31%. Spain leads with the highest number of overall women TOs, followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Colombia leads in gender balance, with a perfect distribution of 50% per gender.

Similar to last year, we are glad to announce the winning NFs of the Orange Team Awards:

ITU TOs’ Certification Levels Overall (Level 1, 2, 3):
On the top of the ranking we find Spain, Japan and China with the most officials in all the certification categories. The exact same ranking we see at the category of the highest total number of certified male officials.  Amongst the females, there is a steady 1st place of Spain with the highest numbers, whereas Canada stays in 2nd as last year and Australia has moved up to 3rd place.

ITU TOs’ Certification Level 1:
In 2016, Spain retained the 1st position with the highest numbers of ITU TO Level 1 officials, keeping Japan and China in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. The same Federations are sharing the first 3 positions with the highest numbers of males ITU TO Level 1, with Japan being in 2nd place and China in 3rd. Again for the females Level 1, Spain is in the 1st place, with Canada and Australia in 2nd and 3rd. In the Gender Equity category, Colombia, Malaysia, Jordan and Trinidad and Tobago are sharing the 1st place.

ITU TOs’ Certification Level 2:
For a 3rd consecutive year Spain is on the top of the NF’s list with the highest numbers of ITU TO Level 2 officials, with Brazil coming up to 2nd place and Great Britain remaining in 3rd place. Brazil came up to the 1st place in the male categories, keeping Spain and Japan in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively this year. Unlike the last awards, Spain came back to the top in the female list, leaving Great Britain in 2nd and Brazil, who had a huge development in 2016 in 3rd. Argentina and Malaysia are the new countries that are joining Portugal and Uzbekistan in the 1st place in the Gender Equity list at the ITU TO Level 2.

ITU Tos’ Certification Level 3:
Again for 2016, Canada is the National Federation with the highest numbers of ITU TO Level 3 officials, followed by Hungary and Spain. In the list with the highest number of males ITU TO Level 3, we have Hungary at the 1st place followed by Canada, Spain and Great Britain in 2nd. Whereas in the females, Canada is on the highest podium as the last two years, leaving 2nd place to New Zealand. In the Gender Equity Category, Luxembourg and Australia are the 2 Federations with the most equal distribution, followed by Canada.

Orange team awards
And the winners are (new winners marked with a *):

On 2 April, ITU hosted 2017 New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup

Opportunitues for self-funded Technical Officials

“Last chance to apply for the following event opportunities! Don’t miss out on the chance to self-fund abroad with your accommodation covered! Look out for the deadlines that are approaching.”

1. 2017 Düsseldorf ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships
The organizing Committee is offering 7 twin rooms (14 SFTOs), with the following services:
– Bed and Breakfast accommodation
From Friday 23rd  to Sunday 25th of June 2017 (2 nights)
– Transportation to and from the airport of Düsseldorf.
For more information please contact Dirk Bogaert at  dirk.bogaert58@gmail.com
Deadline of application: 23 April 2017

2. 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam
The organizing Committee is offering 20 twin rooms (40 SFTOs), with the following services:
– Bed and Breakfast accommodation
From Wednesday September 13th to Monday September 18h (5 nights).
For more information please contact Eriketti Margari at  mailto:eriketti.margari@triathlon.org
Deadline of application: 30 April 2017

3. 2017 Kitzbühel ETU Triathlon European Championships
The organizing Committee is offering twin rooms (20 SFTOs), with the following services:
Stay in Kitzbühel or surrounding area – Check-in Wed. 14thJune, check-out Sun. 18th June, Incl. breakfast
Lunch Voucher on Race days and pasta party
Welcome present
For more information please contact the LOC at office@trikitz.at
Deadline of application: 30th April 2017

4. 2017 Penticton ITU Multisport World Championships
The organizing Committee is offering accommodation to self-funded technical officials with the following conditions:
Block 1: 5 SFTOs for the Duathlon events from August 18th to August 22nd (Duathlon Technical meeting on August 18th) ;
Block 2: 5 SFTOs for the Cross & Aquathlon from August 22nd to August 26th (Cross Technical meeting on August 22nd, Aquathlon Technical meeting on August 24th)
Block 3: 10 SFTOs for the Long Distance/ Aquabike from August 26th to August 28th (Long Distance Technical meeting on August 26th).
Officials must choose 1 block or more. They have to be available for all the days within the selected block.
For more information please contact Thanos Nikopoulos at thanos.nikopoulos@triathlon.org
Deadline of application: 1 May 2017

Monthly Technical Official Quiz

Answer to last months quiz:

Which are the colour of swim caps that need to be used in a paratriathlon competition?

A) Green, yellow, red, white
B) Green, yellow, red, white, orange
C) Green, yellow, red, white, blue
D) Yellow, red, white, orange

Correct answer is B!

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