TSA AGM and Board meeting_18 Nov 2017

  1. Kindly take note that the TSA Annual General Meeting will take place onSaturday 18 November 2017 at 10:00am at the Definitive Conference Centre, Isando. The Board Meeting will follow immediately after conclusion of the AGM.
  1. Board Members are requested to please make their own flight arrangements and claim back from TSA. Each province may be represented by two delegates at the AGM; the Province is responsible for the travel costs of the second delegate.
  1. All notices of motions to be dealt with at the AGM must reach the Secretary or TSA office on or before1 November 2017. Each motion is to be accompanied by a brief explanation that will be circulated with the agenda, enabling members to make informed decisions. In terms of the TSA  Constitution no motions will be taken from the floor on the day.
  1. Provinces must submit their mandatory annual reports and financial statements to the Secretary on or before1 November 2017.
  1. The credentials of the provincial delegates must be submitted to the Secretary immediately prior to the meeting.
  1. Provinces must give notice of the TSA AGM to their registered provincial members of the date, time and place of the AGM.
  1. Agenda items for the Board Meeting are to be submitted to the Secretary on or before1 November 2017.
  1. The agenda for both the AGM and Board Meeting together with the previous minutes and financial statements will be circulated on10 November 2017.
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